The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 16: Sam AndersonListen now (69 min) | New York Times Magazine writer and author on basketball mythology, how to talk to Russell Westbook, Derrida vs NBA media and the Blazers' boundless bummers.
Can an NBA team, like art, be allowed to appreciate?
By deciding to skip the regular season the Hawks, and Trae Young, regressed.
The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 15: Mirjam SwansonListen now (69 min) | Writer for the Clippers and Sparks on what's lost being out of locker rooms, how long it takes to do what you want, and staying…
How does Brooklyn go from collection of individuals to club?
The release and relief of the playfulness in these NBA playoffs so far.
The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 14: Blake MurphyListen now (64 min) | Writer and host of The FAN Morning Show on patience, best memories on the beat, career trajectory and timing.
Meditations on time, through playoffs.
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