The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 35: Lauren WilliamsListen now (64 min) | Atlanta Journal Constitution Hawks reporter on longevity, losing anonymity, and figuring out the heartbeat of a team.
March Madness, All Americans, and the tarnished gold thrum of the Texas Gulf.
Public atonement and the dangerous precedent in requiring proof of absolution, as with Ja Morant's ESPN interview.
The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 34: Jasmyn WimbishListen now | CBS NBA writer on the second year Jason Kidd experience, the NBA's progressive double-speak, and the joy of Dirk Nowitzki.
Stars sitting out, teams missing the playoffs, does the NBA have a "product" problem?
Brandon Miller, that Raptors women's empowerment clip, and getting out of your intellectual depth.

February 2023

The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 33: The best parts of All-StarListen now (17 min) | A short and sweet collection of some friends of the newsletters' favourite things about their NBA All-Star weekends.
a : the fact or state of being prepared; b : a measure taken to deal with a need (Stocking up in life, Los Angeles, and Utah, lately)
Winking dispatches from All-Star in the mountains.
Making traditions for yourself and the league's mid-season fallback to familiarity.
The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 32: Mike PradaListen now (61 min) | Author of 'Spaced Out' and editor at The Athletic on internet brain, coaches as middle managers and the truth about positionless…
Kyrie Irving goes to Dallas within 48 hours of asking out.