May 17 • 1HR 4M

The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 38: Whitney Medworth

Homefield Apparel's Director of Content on distilling fandom into tshirts, picking favourites, and the time Larry Bird scraped ice off her mom's car.

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Katie Heindl
Talking around basketball with writers, media, and people closest to it.
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Quite truthfully, I just got a little burnt out on the NBA. The women’s game seemed more refreshing to me, I would rather put my energy here right now.

Whitney Medworth, formerly of SB Nation, and currently the Director of content at Homefield Apparel, has always found a rudder in sports. After working at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in events that included Final Four and NFL seasons, she made the jump to SB Nation to shape the platform’s audience and engagement. When layoffs ravaged the site, including Whitney’s job, the college sports nostalgia powerhouse, Homefield Apparel, reached out and asked her to join them.

We talked about taking chances professionally, when and if you can know that it’s time to make a career jump, and taking stock and space for yourself when things end or go a different way than you anticipated. We also talked about distilling down fandom and memory through something as seemingly simple as a t-shirt, the qualities that athletes have that draw us to them (same for teams), leaving basketball and coming back to it, trusting people who appreciate Russell Westbrook more, the difference in energy and discourse around women’s college basketball and the WNBA compared to the NBA.

Plus: eBay rabbit holes, the grind and minutia of working in professional events, Larry Bird scraping the ice off Whitney’s mom’s car once.

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