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I love reading your writing because of how passionate you are about the issues you care about. Looking back now, Hammon definitely got her time under Pop and it looked from my point of view he did every thing he could to give her every opportunity. The mid-game sub ended up being not a competition thing, with Duncan leaving coaching quickly.

It's not this article, but one of your newest ones discussing the role of people with platforms to having a responsibility to speak out on injustices is something I've been thinking quite a bit about. I often feel like, in situations where something major has happened, I may have a reaction or some deeper thinking, but if I'm not actively around those communities or am able to relate (especially first-hand), it's difficult to have an opinion or say anything more than the depth of toilet paper. You put forth some interesting questions with some strong opinions, and it's made me think of the ways I react to issues close to me.

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