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This term, "radius of love," reminds me of something Sam Anderson wrote in his incredible piece on the last two White Rhinos on earth:

"Falling in love with the [rhinos], up close, made me think about one of our most basic human conundrums: Love has a range.

We are built to love, and we can summon that love to do nearly impossible things — and yet that love has an outer range of maybe 30 yards. It’s like a wonderful lamp. It fills the inside of our houses. It washes over our families and our pets. It extends, as we walk, to the town around us.

But it cannot leap, with any of the necessary intensity, across city limits or state lines or oceans. It cannot leap, except abstractly, with great effort, to distant people in need, or to strange, threatened animals. We love, really love, what is near us. What we have touched. What loves us back.

Those limitations are a problem when it comes to a crisis like mass extinction."


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That last paragraph is so beautiful!!!!

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Sometimes I feel Twitter gives me more technical commentary about what's happening on the court, relevant stats, etc. (along with many things I don't want)...Now that you mention it, I would like better on-air media.

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