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Unfortunately commerce and self-interest will always over-ride any human rights principles espoused by those tasked with winning a championship in the professional sports arena. The actions of Raptors management clearly demonstrate that they do not have a Zero Tolerance policy regarding Violence toward Women. If they did, Terrence Davis would not be allowed to paticipate in team activities until the results of the police and NBA investigations are known. I do hope that Raptors management do not add insult to injury by having Mr. Davis wear a sweater advocating that "Black (women's) Lives Matter". Clearly, he and the Toronto Raptors management group, have failed to understand the true meaning of those words. By their actions they show us, and our children, that such words are just another slick advertising slogan designed to dupe the public. They want to be seen as being proactive with respect to social injustice when, in fact, their actions demonstrate that they are perpetuating the injustice. During these difficult times of social/economic upheaval and the Co-Vid pandemic you would expect more from Canada's only NBA sports organization. After al,l is winning an NBA championship so important that it has blinded Raptors management to what really matters to Canadians????

A Concerned Toronto Raptors Fan

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