Feb 28 • 17M

The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 33: The best parts of All-Star

A short and sweet collection of some friends of the newsletters' favourite things about their NBA All-Star weekends.

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Could it be a close friend, a casual acquaintance, the NBA’s all-time assist leader, George Gervin, waiting in the breakfast buffet line? Oscar Robertson, standing in front of an elevator door?

Travel hasn’t been very cooperative with recording the podcast over the last month, my apologies for that. Even this episode, the idea of which was to ask the people included and many more their favourite things about All-Star Weekend during All-Star Weekend, came a couple days after the fact. But I am very thankful to (in order of appearance) Andrew Schlecht, Taylor Sharp, Jerome Cheng, Kyle Mann, Michael Pina, and Seerat Sohi for humouring me by scraping their memories while recovering from travel, times changes and sleep deprivation. Their most memorable things came out, I think, with the perfect blend of exhaustion-tinged afterglow and sincerity, which is what we’re always going for here.

Back to regularly scheduled episodes from here on out, but in the meantime please enjoy these lovely voices alongside the stylings of Bruce Springsteen’s only (not confirmed) song about Utah.

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