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The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 35: Lauren Williams

Atlanta Journal Constitution Hawks reporter on longevity, losing anonymity, and the heartbeat of a team.

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Katie Heindl
Talking around basketball with writers, media, and people closest to it.
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One of my favorite things to do when I’m watching him on the sideline is when he crouches down watching the game, watching everything unfold, and then he POPS UP and you’re like, What did you see! What did I miss!

I met Lauren Williams at Chicago All-Star, when she was covering the Pistons. She was sitting at her designated spot and I was kind of bopping around, my (now our) mutual friend Ashley Docking waved me over and the three of us watched what was probably the best All-Star Game in recent memory, thanks to Kyle Lowry’s taking charges. Since then, we had a pandemic, Blake Griffin was finally cut loose from the Pistons, and Lauren moved to Atlanta to cover the Hawks for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Lauren had a varied professional trajectory before basketball, including working for The Patriots and being a competitive swimmer — we talked about that. We also talked about longevity, the need to sometimes amp yourself up in your work when the subject matter isn’t necessarily offering up big swings of excitement, and keeping a fresh perspective covering a struggling team.

We talked about roles (and where the Hawks have struggled because they haven’t established defined roles for everybody), figuring out the “heartbeat” of a team and how NBA franchises that currently look lost don’t really have a clear answer, losing anonymity, the Hawks and whether the play-in looming has clarified things for them, and the Quin Snyder experience thus far.

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