The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 44: Jamel Johnson

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The Basketball Feelings Podcast, Episode 44: Jamel Johnson

Comedian and host of Air Buds and The Brandon Jamel Show on the Wizards, the difference between the WNBA and the NBA, friendship, and who in the NBA is funny on purpose.

Blake [Griffin] got Just For Laughs before I did. The Clippers were supposed to be it as a team, Lob City. They were about to do Kids in the Hall or something, they were about to have a sketch show. Just doing a Kids in the Hall sketch, just doing Girl Drinks or whatever? Man.

Jamel Johnson is that rare kind of person who is funny pretty much all the time. I want to call it passive funny or soft funny, because it’s so second nature, but it’s probably more accurate to describe it as empathetic or observant funny, which is active. It’s definitely generous, which is very reflective of Jamel.

We talked about growing up watching the Fab Five, meeting Ricki Lake at a Clippers game, Craigslist scams, what’s going on with the Wizards now, how much Lakers fandom a person absorbs via osmosis living in L.A., G-Wiz vs. Fed asset G-Man, friendship, Marcin Gortat vs. John Wall, the connection between comedy and basketball, and who in the NBA is the most funny on purpose.

We also tried to pinpoint what the difference is between an NBA game and a WNBA game, and beyond that, what is the differentiation in atmosphere, in athletes, in intentionality, in proximity to real life between the two leagues, because it’s there and you notice it, and is probably one of the reasons it’s so easy to fall for W basketball.

Also and Halloween belated: Is the NBA’s scourge of Joker costumes finally over?

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